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The Hookah electronic (or Hookah electric) is the new trend that is taking the hookah world by storm. Skillfully mixing the worlds of the Hookah and the electronic cigarette, taking up all their strengths (choice of flavours, portability, ease of use), the Hookah electronic cigarette has become a trend that cannot be ignored.
Find the cult brand of Hookah electronic cigarettes, the essential Hookah Aanoxx or the Hookah electronic Starbuzz on our online shop Mistersmoke.com.

Several models

Electronic Hookahs

Hooky mouthpiece

Several models

Electronic Hookahs

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Electronic Hookahs

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Electronic Hookahs

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HOOKY: The reference brand in e-Hookah

Discover the famous brand HOOKYa leader in the field of Hookah electronic and the famous of its models, the Hooky Slim. You are bound to find what you are looking for in our online shop.

Some electronic chichas, such as the Aanoxx brand, work with cartridges containing a flavored liquid: this way you will only keep the pleasure of smoking. Pleasure intensified by a wide range of available flavors: mint, apple, lemon, banana... Others like the Hooky are very close to the electronic cigarette by offering refills in e-liquids with more glycerin, which creates a smoke more important and dense very close to a classic Hookah . It is even possible to get a Bowl electronic that adapts to your favorite hookah and turns it into an electronic model.

Whether it is fully automatic or triggered by a button, the electronicHookah will dispense its flavours with a simple suction on your part. The on-board battery has an unprecedented autonomy: you will be able to carry your model with you all day long without fear of running out of fuel. No more coal with the electronic Hookah ! Put an end to the tedious preparation time inherent in the classic Hookah : from now on, you can smoke a real Hookah in just a few seconds.

How does the electronic Hookah work?
Inspired by the hookah, the electronic Hookah works however like an electronic cigarette with an e-liquid specially designed to reproduce the sensations of the Hookah but without tar or carbon monoxide.
Hookah traditional or Hookah electronic?
Unlike the hookah, the electronic Hookah does not produce smoke but steam. A thick and abundant steam rich in flavor, but without nicotine, therefore sweeter than the smoke of the traditional Hookah .

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