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Bowls and heating systems Badcha

Who doesn't know Badcha? The brand specialising in Bowls Hookah as well as heating systems has become over time a reference for hookah regulars.

These Hookah Accessories are designed with materials that allow you to restore all the flavors of your taste at Hookah during your sessions. The quality and the care brought to these traditional Bowls as well as to the fireplaces grills of the brand is unique. It is not for nothing that Badcha is a recognized brand in this field!

Find Badcha references at low prices on Mistersmoke, including the must-have Bowl Badcha Specht V2, and enjoy a Hookah session like never before.

Heating systems Hookah

Badcha Specht V2 Fireplace Grate

Several models
4.8 out of 5
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Bowls Hookah

Bowl Badcha Specht V2

Several models
5 out of 5