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Rolling sheets from major brands: OCB cheap, Smoking, Sensky, Gizeh, Rizla at the best price on Mistersmoke!

Mistersmoke, your wholesaler for OCB Slim, Raw, Gizeh, Sensky, Smoking, and other top brands, for rolling papers in large quantities for professionals and individuals.

the best brands of rolling papers

Rolling sheet Raw
Sensky rolling papers
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The different rolling sheets:

  • Feuille slim This is the largest rolling sheet. Also known as "King Size Slim", it measures around 110 mm in length. The best-known is without doubt the OCB Slim. As it is mainly used for rolling cones or Hookah seals, it is also available in a Booklet with integrated toncar (cardboard filters).
  • Short leaf The standard format of this rolling foil is the most widely used by smokers of rolled cigarettes. All brands offer a short leaf. Among the most popular are Gizeh regular and SMK.
  • Sheet rolls (in rolls): The best way to choose the length of your cone or cigarette. This sheet, with an average total length of 4 meters, is packaged in a cardboard box with a serrated edge for easy cutting.
  • Pre-rolled cone The pre-rolled cone is ideal for saving time: all you need to do is fill it! It comes pre-rolled with an integrated toncar filter and is available in several sizes, including the XXL cone. The RAW brand is the market leader.
  • Blunt leaf Blunt is simply a dried natural tobacco leaf used as rolling paper. Today, many brands like Juicy Jay's offer hemp blunt, which is cheaper, smoother and just as high-quality.

4.8571428571429 out of 5
4.7138728323699 sur 5
4,775 out of 5

Short sheets

SMK Regular X25

4.8918918918919 out of 5

Short sheets

Sensky Regular

4.6857142857143 of 5
4.9354838709677 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.9024390243902 out of 5

Short sheets

Ocb Bio

4.6923076923077 out of 5
4.4166666666667 out of 5
4.9166666666667 out of 5

Slim sheets

OCB Slim x 50

4.6440677966102 out of 5

Slim sheets

OCB Slim Premium

4.9047619047619 of 5
4.75 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.9285714285714 out of 5
5 out of 5

Slim sheets

unbleached CBO

4.84 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Short sheets

OCB White n°4

4.6666666666667 out of 5
4.83333333333333333333333 out of 5

Slim sheets

Sensky Origins

4.8636363636364 out of 5
4.5384615384615 out of 5

Slim sheets

Sensky Slim

4.7631578947368 out of 5
5 out of 5
4 out of 5

Short sheets

Sensky short sheet

4.8518518519 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.4375 out of 5
4.75 out of 5
4.741935483871 out of 5

Slim sheets

Rizla Micron

5 out of 5

Sheets in rolls

Box of 24 Sensky Rolls

3.5384615384615 out of 5

Rolling sheets

Box OCB slim tips

4.90909090909 out of 5

Short sheets

Giza Paper

4.7777777777778 out of 5

Sheets in rolls

Ocb Rolls

4.95 out of 5

Sheets in rolls

Tuxedo Brown Rolls

5 out of 5
4.1428571428571 out of 5

Sheets in rolls

DeLuxe Smoking Rolls

5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.6666666666667 out of 5
4.6363636363636 out of 5

Sheets in rolls

Box of 24 OCB rolls

4.7142857142857 out of 5
4.818181818181818 of 5

Find a wide range of rolling papers

Do you roll your own cigarettes? In our online store, you'll find a wide range of rolling papers from the market's leading brands: OCB, OCB Premium, Rizla, Sensky, Job, Smoking and many others. Rolling papers in different formats: slim, regular, 1 1/4, transparent, flavored. Buy your cheap rolling papers on Mistersmoke!

Buy your rolling paper at the best price

Rolling papers: all types, all brands, all prices!

  • Rolling paper brands: nearly 20 rolling paper brands await you on the site. You'll find classics like OCB rolling papers, Smoking, Sensky, Rizla and Gizeh rolling papers, as well as Zig Zag and the legendary glue-free JOB rolling paper!
  • Rolling sheets: the must-have OCB slimJuicy Jays flavored rolls, Smoking Brown regular or Ragga colored sheets, ... Vary your pleasures and try out new papers for your rolled cigarettes.
  • Rolling paper prices : our prices are among the most competitive on the market. On Mistersmoke, you'll find Slim Sensky sheets for as little as 33 cents per Booklet ! All brands benefit from this insane price, since notebooks are often available individually or by the box: the more you buy, the lower the price!

Our secret? Our storage capacity, far greater than that of traditional tobacconists, which enables us to buy boxes of rolling papers at very competitive prices. Save money and buy your Smoking, Sensky, Raw, Gizeh and OCB rolling papers for less at Mistersmoke !

We remind you that the sale of blunt containing tobacco is not authorized on the internet, but only in tobacconists' shops. However, you can find pure hemp blunt on our website.


Looking for wholesale rolling papers for your professional business? Mistersmoke is your OCB Slim, Sensky, Smoking wholesaler at preferential rates.

3 reasons why it's better to roll your own cigarettes

Still not sure about buying rolling papers? Here are 3 reasons why rolling your own cigarettes is so much better than buying them from a tobacconist:

  • The price, of course

You probably already know that making your own cigarettes is actually much cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes at the tobacconist's.

To give you a concrete example, a pack of 20 Marlboro cigarettes at the tobacconist's costs €10.20.

When you roll your cigarette, you spend :

14.50€ for an 85g tin of Marlboro rolling tobacco. Knowing that one cigarette contains around 8 grams of tobacco, you'll be able to make around 100 cigarettes with your tin of rolling tobacco.

Even if you have to add the price of a pack of sheets and filters, you'll never reach the price of a pack.

For example, buying a pack of Sensky short rolling papers and a pack of foam filters of the same brand will cost you less than €1.50 for a hundred cigarettes.

Still in doubt? Don't wait any longer! You'll reduce your annual cigarette budget considerably.

  • You'll enjoy your cigarette longer

And yes, the rolling paper sold at Booklet burns much more slowly than the paper used for ready-made cigarettes! By smoking a roll, you'll enjoy your cigarette break and the flavors of your tobacco more slowly.

  • You can personalize your cigarette

By rolling your own cigarette, you can personalize it by choosing, for example, the thickness of the rolling paper, its size or its composition. You can also opt for the filter of your choice (foam or cardboard), but even more original: you can flavour it. There are flavored rolling papers or menthol cigarette balls that you insert directly into the foam filter for an inexpensive menthol cigarette!

How are rolling papers made?

Everything you need to know about the composition of rolling papers

First of all, not all rolling papers are created equal when it comes to the quality of the raw materials used. Below, we'll show you how rolling papers are made, and the differences in composition depending on the type of rolling paper.

In France, rolling paper first appeared in the 18th century, but it existed long before that, since the very first rolling papers were produced in Spain around 1153.

The raw material used to make rolling paper was rice. Rice was widely used until the 20th century. In fact, did you know that the Rizla brand of rolling papers takes its name from this grain? Rizla is in fact a contraction of "Riz La Croix" - rice being the main component of paper - and Lacroix for Léonide LaCroix, the Angoulême-based papermaker who invented the brand.

Booklet rizla old cross

Gradually, rice paper gave way to paper made from wood fibers. Today, some brands continue to use this material. These include the JOB brand of sheets and ZIG ZAG.

It's easy to recognize wood-fiber-based rolling papers by their thickness and extra-white color. However, this type of rolling paper is increasingly being abandoned, as the trend is towards extra-thin rolling papers that are easier to roll.

Today, many brands produce their rolling papers with hemp. Initially used for slim sheets and cones for Hookah seals, hemp is now used in all rolling papers and even cigarette filters.

The manufacturing process is simple: the hemp fibers contained in the cannabis plant are used to make the paper. The fibers contain no cannabinoids, so the paper is THC-free. Hemp rolling papers are appealing for their tastelessness and natural composition. Among the best-sellers is the OCB with organic hemp, available in both slim and short sheets.

Despite the different raw materials used, the manufacturing process remains more or less the same.

First, the fibers are harvested either from wood for wood-fiber paper or from hemp leaves. Next, the fibers are transformed into a kind of pulp that is dried and flattened to the desired thickness.

Once perfectly dry, the paper is cut into the desired shape and size. Early rolling papers were cut individually and sold in bulk. Today, they come in the form of Booklet , with several sheets and sometimes even integrated cardboard filters (toncars). Find out more about the different sizes of rolling papers on the market.

OCB rolling paper production

Archives; OCB rolling paper plant

Rolling sheet dimensions

Rolling sheet sizes

Regular or short leaf: This is the oldest format, measuring 70 x 36 mm. This is the standard format for rolling cigarettes. Among the most popular are the short OCB sheet, the short RAW sheet and the Sensky Regular.

The 1/4 sheet : Less common, this is the Spanish rolling sheet. Why this name? Because it's particularly popular in Spain. Its dimensions straddle the line between short and slim sheets.

The slim or King Size (long) sheet: You've probably already heard of the famous OCB slim or Sensky Slim? It measures 110 mm and is ideal for rolling a CBD joint or cone.

Pre-rolled cone: As its name suggests, the pre-rolled cone is a sheet that's already been rolled! All that's left to do is fill it. It's also practical for those who want a perfect cone without getting tired. Available in a range of formats, including the Cône XXL with its giant format ideal for parties.

Rolls: The advantage of rolls is that you can choose the length of your roll yourself. If you use several paper formats, rolls are the best option. The cardboard is generally equipped with a notched edge for easy cutting of the rolling paper.

Which rolling sheet to choose?

Now that you've been able to differentiate between the different sizes of cigarette paper, it's important to know about the different types of rolling papers, because there are lots of them, and it's not always easy to choose the right one for your needs.

Rolling papers with or without filters? White or brown? Which brand to choose? We'll try to answer all your questions as precisely as possible.

What's the best rolling sheet?

The best rolling paper brands are on Mistersmoke

OCB : Undoubtedly one of the best-known rolling paper brands, not only in France but worldwide. O.C.B as in Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré.

Bolloré is the founder of the OCB brand, and his grandson, Vincent, developed the range by acquiring JOB and Zig Zag, among others, until it became the success it is today.

Today, Booklet OCB regular is still made in France at the Perpignan plant.

Booklet OCB slim is the best-selling paper in France. This black Booklet with the brand's emblematic logo contains a total of 32 very thin long sheets.

Gizeh Founded in Germany in the 1920s, GIZEH produces traditional cigarette papers. Discover the brand's best-seller: the ultra-thin Gizeh rolling paper, only 12g/m2 thick, with its Booklet magnetic closure.

RAW The iconic American brand for weed smokers. Founded by the original but visionary Josh Kesselman, RAW specializes in headshop products. Tired of using bleached rolling papers that impeded the flavors of his weed, Kesselman decided in the 90s to manufacture the first unbleached, chemical-free rolling paper,

Although the idea didn't catch on with investors at first, it later became extremely popular, thanks in part to his meeting with a Spanish papermaker who owned a rolling mill. They hit it off and decided to go into partnership. Success was immediate, so much so that J.Kesselman went on to create the Elements and Juicy Jay's brands.

Watermarked paper, fine but strong and above all free of chemical additives, RAW rolling paper now appeals to all smoker profiles, and is now the #1 rolling paper in the USA.

In our online store, you'll find all RAW products at the best prices, such as the RAW Black sheet and the RAW pre-rolled cone.

Rizla Founded in 1796 by Léonide Lacroix, Rizla+ is one of France's oldest rolling paper mills. In fact, it was the originator of the first pocket rolling machine.

Rizla products have become a benchmark for roll smokers. Among the range, Rizla Micron is the most popular for its finesse and ease of rolling.

SMK - SMOKING Smoking-SMK rolling papers have been made in Spain since 1879. The brand is a great success with Spaniards and beyond. The Smoking range is one of the most varied on the market, meeting the needs of all smoker profiles.

They also offer several types of paper, from celullose to hemp and even corn paper. Smoking rolling papers are among the highest quality on the market.

Zig Zag Originating in Thonon-Les-Bains, France, the Zig Zag brand was founded in 1894. It is marketed worldwide and is recognizable by its "Le Zouave" logo. The brand owes its name to the founders' idea of interspersing the sheets in the Booklet for easier, more ergonomic distribution. Zig Zag is the ideal rolling paper for smokers looking for an extra-white, thick, slow-burning paper.

Drive at the best price, buy Sensky.

Discover SENSKY, the No. 1 French brand for low-cost cigarette papers. Sensky is a young, dynamic and innovative brand that has become a must-have for smokers in recent years. In addition to a wide range of rolling papers, Sensky also sells cigarette tubes, rollers and filters. Discover Sensky products now, you won't be disappointed!

Price comparison of Booklet rolling sheets

Here are just a few examples of the prices you'll find for rolling-leaf books at your local tobacconist's. We give you an average of the prices charged.


 Brands/ModelsCompetitor's average price Prices at Mistersmoke
Booklet of rolling sheets OCB SlimOCB Slim1,90€0,75€*
ocb short blackOCB Courte (regular)1,50€0,60€*
Booklet slim ocb virgin paperOCB Slim Virgin (brown)1,70€0,72€*
feuille-a-rouler-ocb-bio-naturalOCB Organic short1,50€0,60€*
rizla micron slim BookletRizla+ Slim Micron1,70€0,72€*
rizla rolling sheet blueRizla+ Blue Regular1,50€0,85€*
Gizeh rolling papers extra slimGizeh extra slim1,90€0,58€*
short gizehShort Giza1,70€0,60€*
raw slimRAW slim1,90€1,09€*
sup'air job sheetJOB Sup'Air1,50€0,70€*
blue zig-zag leafZig Zag Bleu1,40€0,72€*
Comparative table of rolling papers prices in 2022

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