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MIG: Hookah Made In Germany

German brand of chichas and Hookah Accessories, MIG is the abbreviation for Made In Germany.
As the market leader in Germany, the MIG brand now known and recognized in the world of Hookah, has really been able to impose itself and stand out thanks to its Luxury Hookahs. Made in high-end materials such as Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic or stainless steel, hookahs MIGs are hookahs thought above all else. for demanding and experienced smokers.
Presented for the first time at intertabac in 2014, the MIG brand is experiencing its first success with the MIG 1.0. It then decided to expand its range of chichas, and in 2015 released its own Heat Management Device: The MIG Razor.
Discover our large selection of Hookah MIG on our website Mistersmoke.com . The famous Hookah MIG Nanothe smallest and most compact MIG, or the MIG Armour or the MIG Minimal.

Accessories and spare parts for hookahs MIG

But MIG Shishas not only designs hookahs but also offers a range of chichas accessories such as Mouthpieces MIG Carbon or Bowls.
And for those who are looking for spare parts for Hookah MIG, we also offer replacement vessels for MIG.

Hookah Mouthpieces

Mouthpiece MIG R93 Carbon

Several models
4.5 out of 5

Shisha Taste

MIG Vulcanos 150g

Several models

Hookah bases

Minimal MIG Vase

Several models


MIG Diffuser


Classic Hookahs

Hookah MIG Air Force


Classic Hookahs

Hookah MIG Tradi

Several models

Hookah bases

Tradi MIG Vase

Several models

Classic Hookahs

Hookah MIG Tradi Mini

Several models

Connectors and adapters

Adapter Hose MIG