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ShishaVaping: Rediscover the pleasure of smoking the hookah without tobacco

Flavours specially developed for the pleasure of smoking the hookah without tobacco.
Subjected to numerous quality tests, the flavours at Hookah of the Shisha Vaping brand are patented and designed in Germany according to very strict standards to guarantee you a safe and high quality product.

The ShishaVaping "taste" is characterized by powerful fruity and refreshing aromas for a unique taste experience.

With Shisha Vaping, take your senses to the tropics... Discover our wide range of nicotine-free tastes Hookah on our online shop Mistersmoke.

Shisha Taste

Shishavaping 200g

Several models
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Shisha Taste

Aroming Fluid - 100g

Several models
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5 out of 5