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Your cigarette tubes and tubing machine at the best price

The cigarette tube is the pleasure of smoking a real cigarette while making great savings. Our online shop offers a wide range of cigarette tubes and cheapest cigarette smoking machines from the biggest brands on the market.

Cigarette tubes

Box of 500 Sensky tubes

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Cigarette tubes

OCB tubes x 500

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Cigarette tubes

Angel cigarette tubes

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Smoking accessory packs

Psykopack Cigarette tubes Sensky 500

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Choose the famous OCB, Rizla, Sensky or Gizeh Silver tip cigarette tubes offered at unbeatable prices and in economy packs! Whether you choose the classic or flavoured tube, our online shop offers you different packaging. In batches of 100, 500 tubes or even boxes of 1000 cigarette tubes for even more savings. Are you a fan of mentholated cigarette tubes? Choose MCT menthol balls and find all the pleasure of a menthol cigarette in a click! To make your own cigarette tubes, the tubing machine is the essential accessory! Our online shop specialising in smoking accessories offers you the best Tube filling machinescigarette machines. You will find all types of machines. From the classic manual smoking machine to the electric smoking machine capable of filling the tubes in just a few seconds. From the simple and efficient Tube filling machineOCB to the electric Tube filling machine: Make your cigarettes quickly and easily with our range of Tube filling machinescigarette machines. You are a tobacconist or a retailer and you wish to buy tubes and Tube filling machinesin bulk? Register and discover our preferential rates.