The electronic cigarette on the plane

Can I use my electronic cigarette on a plane?

Like the classic cigarette, it is now strictly forbidden to use its electronic cigarette during a plane trip. Safety rules in the aviation world are extremely strict to ensure maximum safety and comfort for all. But it is quite possible to carry your equipment with you, as long as it complies with the regulations in force. Here are a few recommendations to guarantee you a serene and professional flight.

Battery and accumulators

This equipment is the most regulated as its risk of fire can be high. It is therefore forbidden to store the battery or batteries of your electronic cigarette in the hold. It is indeed essential that they do not leave you and are stored in the cabin. This measure has been applied following numerous incidents created by the unexpected powering up of these devices in passenger luggage. In a bag located in the cabin, it will be much easier to remedy these possible problems within a minute.

However, it is recommended that you ask your airline about its own regulations. It is also allowed to store equipment that does not have batteries or accumulators, such as an atomizer or its box without batteries, in checked baggage. Spare batteries must they, remained in their original packaging, or in an insulating package. They must also remain in hand luggage intended to be located in the cabin.


If you wish to travel with a small stock of e-liquids, it is quite possible! The majority of airlines agree to carry up to one litre of liquid in the hold. This rule includes e-liquids as well as shampoo or drinks for example, as long as the totality does not exceed the authorized threshold. It is also required that each container of liquids should contain a maximum of 100 ml.

To avoid the risk of leaks, it is advisable to place your bottles of e-liquids in airtight bags. It is also a good idea to leave the tanks of your clearomizers or atomizers empty to make sure your luggage is clean and dry.

Boating abroad

Before your departure, we invite you to find out about the regulations established in the country of destination. Some countries completely prohibit the sale and import of electronic cigarettes.

Other countries prohibit the sale of nicotine, but accept its personal use. This local regulation concerns for example Australia, where it is possible to consume nicotine e-liquids without risk. It will only be very difficult to get some afterwards.

There are also countries where the sale of nicotine is banned or only allowed in pharmacies. In this case, pharmacies must have a medical licence. You will therefore be able to use your equipment and its e-liquids without nicotine at will.

In any case, we can never repeat it enough: find out! Never go to a country without knowing the regulations in place, otherwise your trip could be jeopardized.

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