The BIC lighter, a lasting story

BIC lighters, an essential for more than 45 years already


If there is one lighter that cannot be ignored, it is the BIC lighter ! Practical and timeless, it's easy to say without a doubt that everyone has already had one in their hands. These easily recognizable lighters remain a reference for all smokers.

But are you familiar with the entire history of the brand's lighters? A look back at a worldwide success for the one that has become the leader in pocket lighters, BIC.


BIC lighters, an invention that has revolutionized the world of smoking accessories.

bic lighters - history of the bic lighter

Founded in 1945, the BIC family company, then called PPA, set itself the goal of making life easier for the users of its products, with reliable and easy-to-use creations.After aresounding success with its famous Bic Cristal and Bic 4 color ballpoint pens, the brand decided to launch a second product that had nothing in common with the first: the lighter.

After acquiring the French lighter company Flaminaire, Bic launched the first disposable lighter with an adjustable flamein the 1970s, a real innovation for the time. Its ultramodern designand ergonomic handling quickly made it a must-have. Parisian women were tearing it away and abandoning their old pocket lighter, which they used to refill with gas at the tobacconist's. The object, with its original design, quickly spread around the world, to the point where the Bic J1 lighter entered the Museum of Modern Art in New York for the "Shaping Modernity" exhibition.

The range is growing day by day with new models always as colourful as ever. After the BIC mini lighter in 1985, a compact version of their very first product, and the unforgettable "California" printed lighter from 1990, the electronic lighters were released in 1991. A novelty that further positions BIC as a leader.

C’est ensuite au tour des briquets multi-usages, ces grands briquets « allume gaz », de faire leur apparition à partir des années 2000. Les briquets Bic ne se veulent plus seulement légers et résistants, ils suivent les modes. La marque française sort des séries limitées, souvent en partenariat avec d’autres marques. Playboy ou Bollywood, les modèles Bic ne se comptent plus et restent toujours actuels et dans l’air du temps.

2012 marks the arrival of the Miss Bic lighter, the lighter exclusively designed for women, full of glamour just like the Bic Slim light er, super elegant. Today, the BIC brand has 24 lighter body colors and multiple, ever more original versions to satisfy everyone's preferences.

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bic lighters - history of the bic lighter



The secret of BIC's success: safety first and foremost


A quality flame, a clever ignition system and an easy-to-grip design, that's all it takes to make the Bic lighter a success. The French brand au petit bonhomme wanted to design simple, reliable and accessible products for all users. With the Bic lighter, the contract is fulfilled!

The strong point of the brand to ensure the continuity of its success is also the longevity of its lighters! Did you know that 50 automatic checks are performed on each BIC lighter before it is put on the market? This initiative is part of the actions put in place by the company to ensure the irreproachable quality of its products, as well as safety for all their users.

All Bic lighters meet or even exceed the ISO 9994 or ASTM F400 safety standards relating to consumer safety. Quality controls are extremely strict, so that nothing is overlooked. During the manufacture of a lighter, the maximum flame height, heat resistance, drop resistance, combustion resistance and extinguishing time are checked each time. All Bic lighters are also child-resistant, for optimum protection.

As a company committed to the safety of its users, BIC has also set up an awareness campaign in Europe on the dangers of lighters that do not comply with current safety standards. Quality and safety above all: a recipe that works!






A look back at the essential models of Bic lighters

An accessory that has been part of French daily life for more than 45 years, smokers and non-smokers alike, the BIC lighter has made its mark in a specific way with its different models, from the most neutral to the most original, with original designs. Here is a look back at some of the most striking products, each in its own way.


classic bic lighters - history of bic lighters


BIC Classic lighter (1973)

The first lighter developed by the brand, with the aim of allowing users to easily light a flame. An aesthetic upheaval during the 70s. Its oval shape for a pleasant grip shakes up the codes and is still a characteristic strongly associated with BIC lighters to this day.




mini bic lighter


BIC Mini lighter (1985)

Un indispensable qui se glisse discrètement dans la poche. La version originale se décline dans un modèle mini format encore plus pratique et plus discret, idéal pour avoir toujours un briquet avec soi ! Pratique et toujours aussi design et coloré, le briquet Bic mini un carton plein pour la marque, qui rencontre toujours un franc succès.



history of the bic lighter - bic lighters


Briquet BIC Printed (1990)

The brand's first printed lighter featured the "California" motif, which the brand used to remind itself of this iconic lighter. A typical vintage pattern from the 90's, for a stylish comeback. A lighter that didn't lack personality compared to the others released at the same time! Then followed a wide range of lighters with original patterns. That's also what BIC lighters are all about!

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BIC has always set the bar very high in terms of innovation and quality to make its French lighters a reference throughout the world. Today, 50% of BIC's worldwide production of lighters is manufactured in France, at the Redon production site in Ile et Villaine. This 50% represents about 3 million lighters, just that! A French know-how that continues, to the delight of the faithful followers of the famous pocket lighter.

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