Alternatives to menthol cigarettes

Menthol Cigarette: Where to find it?

Bad news for all lovers of the mentholated cigarette, you can say goodbye to your menthol tube and other flavoured cigarettes. Since 20 May 2020, the sale of tobacco and mint-flavoured cigarettes has been banned in the European Union. So how do you smoke a menthol cigarette? Be reassured, we are going to reveal you the tips and tricks to transform a classic cigarette into a mentholcigarette.

Manufacturers and brands of tobacco and tobacco products are becoming increasingly ingenious. Imperial Brands, one of the five largest tobacco groups and owner, among others, of Rizla+ was one of the first to look into the subject. In response to the ban, they marketed the first Rizla Fresh Cards. Small menthol-flavoured cards that you can slip into your cigarette pack and keep the cigarettes smelling like menthol for several days. Since then, other brands have followed suit and it is now possible to find many alternatives to menthol cigarettes. These "derivative" products do not fall under the ban because they are considered as smoking accessories and not as tobacco, in the same register as mentholated cigarillos or mentholated electric cigarettes!

How do you replace menthol cigarettes? Follow the guide!

Find out below the little tricks developed by the cigarette manufacturers themselves to circumvent the law. From the aromatic card to the menthol capsules to slip into the cigarette filter, you can choose to flavour a menthol cigarette.

mct flavoured capsules

La référence des billes pour cigarette

The latest in mint flavours, the MCT capsule slides directly into the filter of your cigarette or rolled up using the small adapter included. It then releases a powerful fragrance with a cool kiss effect throughout your cigarette break! 

Each box contains no less than 100 capsules compatible with regular or slim size foam filters.

Made in the E.U.

aroma king cigarette flavoured beads

Une cigarette menthol en un click

Dans cette boite, retrouvez pas moins de 100 billes pour convertir votre cigarette ou votre tube à cigarette en une cigarette mentholée en quelques secondes seulement !

Aroma King propose une large gamme de billes pour cigarettes et pas seulement au menthol. Retrouvez également les billes pour cigarettes fruits rouges ou encore myrtilles à petit prix !

Très simple d’utilisation, la bille aromatisée de chez Aroma King peut également être insérer dans le filtre de votre cigarette à l’aide de l’applicateur de billes de la même marque.