Tobacco regulations

Sell and buy tobacco at Hookah on the internet: All the regulations

The retail sale of manufactured tobacco is a state monopoly (customs administration and indirect duties). This means that any company cannot sell tobacco in France. Only tobacconists and operators of certain establishments as resellers (service stations, restaurants, prisons, etc.) are authorized by the State to market tobacco.

Les particuliers ne peuvent donc pas acheter de tabac à chicha sur notre boutique en ligne en vertu de la loi (article 568 ter). Seuls les goûts à chicha sans nicotine y sont vendus en toute légalité.

tobacconists must apply a selling price for tobacco fixed by the State and obtain their supplies exclusively from approved suppliers.

Where to buy tobacco at Hookah for tobacconists?
⇒ With a state-approved supplier is an approved supplier

Where to buy tobacco Hookah for individuals?
⇒ Exclusively at a tobacconist's or authorized retailers

> Where to buy Adalya tobacco?

Please note that it is forbidden to buy tobacco online from abroad. We know that many people are tempted to order hookah tobacco abroad but the risk involved is high: seizure of the goods, fine or even prison sentence of up to 5 years.

You are a tobacconist and you wish to buy tobacco in bulk at HookahAdalya ?

*Only tobacconists are allowed to order tobacco. In accordance with the law, we do not deliver to individuals or professionals other than tobacconists.