Tube filling machineelectrical: The complete guide


How does Tube filling machinework? Let's test it! 

The price of branded cigarettes is constantly rising. Making your own cigarettes Today, making your own cigarettes is an excellent way to make real savings.

Il existe aujourd’hui une multitude d’accessoires pour rouler ou tuber les cigarettes, de la rouleuse simple, tubeuse manuelle, ou même tubeuse triple en passant par la tubeuse electrique. C’est sur cette dernière que nous allons nous attarder. Vous ne vous y connaissez pas suffisamment ? Vous voulez connaître la meilleure machine à tuber électrique pour fabriquer des cigarettes ? Nous allons vous expliquer au mieux les différentes machines à tuber électriques présentes sur le marché et vous expliquer leur fonctionnement.

First of all, you should know that there are several types of cigarette making machines. Some Tube filling machinesare cheap and very easy to use (the most famous being the Tube filling machineocb) and others are more sophisticated but also more expensive such as the electric tubing machines or the Tube filling machines.

For small smokers or for convenience and mobility, there is the Tube filling machinesingle or Tube filling machinedouble. Inexpensive, this manual machine is very easy to use but has a limited lifespan.

La tubeuse de table, de meilleure qualité comme par exemple la tubeuse OCB Mikromatic vous permet de fabriquer un grand nombre de cigarettes et durera plus longtemps.

Finally, the electric tubing machine is a great way to get a cigarette that visually looks and tastes like a classic Marlboro or Lucky Strike cigarette. You will enjoy having a cigarette that looks and tastes like a classic cigarette, while saving a lot of money.

Discover in our online shop specialised in smoking accessories a large choice of cigarette smoking machines of major brands at the best price.

To make cigarettes, you first need the necessary materials, i.e. a box of cigarette tubes such as the OCB cigarette tubes or the famous Gizeh Silver Tip and a tin of tobacco. For best results, Mistersmoke recommends that you use a special tobacco for the tubes.


Tube filling machinemanual VS electric tubing machine

Quelle tubeuse electrique choisir ?

The electric tubing machine is a very easy and practical accessory to use on a daily basis. There are many models of electric tubing machines on the market, the best known of which are undoubtedly the Tube filling machine electric OCB or the Tube filling machineelectric Zorr. Not all Tube filling machineshave the same performance or price.

Depending on your budget, our online shop offers you a selection of cheap electricTube filling machines. If your budget is higher or you wish to invest in quality equipment, durable and guaranteed over a long period of time, you will have no trouble finding a top-of-the-range or even professional electricTube filling machine.

There are 2 types of Tube filling machine: the piston casing machine and the screw casing machine.

The auger-type tuber is the cheapest. Although it has the advantage of being cheaper, it will tend to chop the tobacco.

The Tube filling machineelectric piston cigarette, such as the Poweroll OCB or the Zorr, is the best electric Tube filling machines. Fast, efficient, durable, the Tube filling machineelectric piston does not alter the tobacco and guarantees a perfect result like a branded cigarette. These high-performance smoking machines will save you considerable time and effort. These top of the range smoking machines are all supplied with accessories such as a brush for easy cleaning. Note that they only work with standard size cigarette tubes.

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