New and customised products from Tsar !

New Tsar : what's new in Hookah?

With the new season just around the corner, novelty is the order of the day! And it is not TSAR who will say the opposite. The French brand of quality hookahs and accessories strikes again with a new accessory for your sessions Hookah : a Mouthpiece Tsar Custom.

After the release of several successful chichas, such as the Molotov X with new colours or more recently the Tsar Mini Alexander Gold, the brand has focused more on the "accessory" side of things Hookah, and is now offering a major new product. Let's have a look at Mouthpiece in detail.

Mouthpiece Tsar custom: the latest nugget from tsar

After the release of its Molotov X glassMouthpiece , sold individually alongside the Hookah of the same name, as well as the Mouthpiece Tsar Carbone, Tsar is now offering a completely independent Mouthpiece as an accessory in its own right. In addition to the fact that it can of course be perfectly matched with all hookahs created by Tsar, it can also be matched with all shisha.

There is actually not just one Mouthpiece , but two Mouthpieces ! Indeed, the Mouthpiece Tsar is available in an aluminium version, as well as a carbon version. A version that may remind us of the Mouthpiece Tsar Carbon presented earlier this year, whose design has some similarities. So what is special about this new Mouthpiece ? Well, it has two features that make it a unique accessory.

Firstly, its assembly. This Mouthpiece, unlike the classic Mouthpieces and in particular the Mouthpieces in glass, is composed of several elements, which can be easily and quickly assembled to create this Mouthpiece Tsar Custom. The body of the Mouthpiece is made up of two coloured parts, connected by a small metal element: an intermediate tip. The body is also equipped with a pull-off nozzle and an aluminium connector for adding a silicone hose. This choice of the brand allows first of all to assemble and disassemble the Mouthpiece at your convenience, to take it with you more easily or to clean it more thoroughly for example. But not only that...


Customisation is the key word of this new accessory released by the brand in June. The design of this Mouthpiece, carefully chosen, allows to match any Hookah. It doesn't matter which one you own, as well as the customization made!

Ainsi, si ce manche existe en version “classique”, c’est à dire un manche que vous achetez tel quel, ce produit peut également être personnalisé, de deux manières. Vous pouvez tout d’abord acheter plusieurs manches Tsar Custom déjà assemblés par couleur, et les mixer à votre guise une fois reçus. Ou vous pouvez choisir les couleurs que vous souhaitez, et créer votre propre manche. Et c’est la que la personnalisation de votre chicha intervient !

But how does this customisation work? Nothing could be simpler: you just have to choose the different parts that make up the Mouthpiece Tsar. You can choose from different colours available for the colour of your Mouthpiece, and even mix two colours for a unique accessory. Then you have to choose your print tip, which will be round or flat according to your preferences. All you need is anintermediate tip to connect the two coloured parts of the Mouthpiece, as well as a connector to connect your Mouthpiece to a silicone hose. And there you have it: child's play!

Now that the new Mouthpieces Tsar Custom have no secrets for you, make your choice and opt for your favourite, monochrome in aluminium or carbon, or unique and personalised according to your taste!

Several models
5 out of 5

Custom Mouthpieces

Mouthpiece Tsar Custom Carbon

Several models
4.75 out of 5

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