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Meaning of the Rizla+ brand


material that can be part of the composition
of the rolling papers (surprising as it may seem!)

name of the founder represented by "La" and a cross.

 History of the Rizla brand

Rizla+ manufacturing plant
Rizla+ manufacturing plant
Rizla+ History
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Pierre Lacoix had the idea of transforming the paper he produced for champagne labels into rolling paper.


Son Philippe Lacroix perfected the concept and launched the production of rolling paper. Despite a nascent success, it was not until 1736 that the Lacroix family invested in a paper mill.


Napoleon grants the Lacroix company a licence to supply rolling papers to the armed troops. Rizla rolling papers become part of the official equipment of Napoleon's armies.


The formulation of the rolling paper changes. The fabric previously used for papermaking is replaced by rice-based paper. This is where the name Rizla+ was born, a contraction of Rice with "la" and a cross to represent the name of the Lacroix family.


Rizla produces the first flavored papers with the release of 'menthol' and 'strawberry' fragrances. In 1910, Rizla Bleu was released, with a thinner rolling paper and a stronger tobacco aroma. Rizla also invented and produced the first pocket rolling machine in 1928.


The Lacroix brothers obtained a patent for the application of an eraser on the edge of the rolling paper. This is when the brand revolutionized the world of rolling paper. Its leading position and its legitimacy on the market of the rolling paper industry is no longer to be proven.


Fernand Painblanc takes control of the Rizla company. The Lacroix family no longer owns the brand of rolling paper. In 1986, Rizla grows rapidly and begins to advertise on a large scale. A chain of coffee shops is even created.


Rizla+ is sold to the British company Imperial Tobacco. This was followed by advertising campaigns, sponsorship for the Suziki motorcycle brand at motorcycle grand prix events and the launch of new ranges of rolling papers.


Imperial Tobacco announces the closure of the plant with a loss of 134 jobs. All Rizla+ production is now concentrated in Belgium.

Smoking articles of the brand Rizla+.

Rizla+ has four types of products on the market: rolling leaf books, cigarette filters, tubes and smoking accessories.

Rizla Rolling Sheet

Rizla+ Rolling Sheets

Rizla cigarette tube

Rizla+ cigarette tubes

Rizla Cigarette Filter

Rizla+ Cigarette Filters

Rizla Cigarette Roller

Rizla+ Cigarette Rollers

Rizla rolling papers have become the reference for all roll smokers. This ultra fine and resistant quality paper is available in different sizes and models.

In addition to its rolling sheets, Rizla has developed a range of cigarette tubes and foam filters. Accessories are also offered by the brand: Rizla rolling sheets, Tube filling machine Rizla...

All plus major products of the Rizla brand are on Mistersmoke : Rizla Micron Slim, Rizla Slim White, Rizla Natura Slim, Rizla Croix Slim, Rizla Micron Regular, Rizla Regular Blue, Rizla Regular Orange, Rizla Natura Regular, Rizla Micro Aere, Rizla Regular Black, King Size Blue OCB slim roll, and all the most popular filters and tubes as well as Rizla accessories(wheels and Tube filling machines)

Rizla brand advertisements

The Rizla brand has made a few advertisements that have left their mark by playing on the fact that the brand is intended for everyone. For example, the expression "Allclasses" was used in an advertising campaign. All consumers are targeted without exception, all are equal in the consumption of cigarettes: men, women, whites, blacks, Indians... The brand has also set its sights on a rather young and crazy target: artists and musicians in particular, by broadcasting the following message in the music press (all musical styles combined): "Une finesse fa si la rouler".

Later, a series of humorous posters was also launched: the "Larry Believes" series. "Larry thinks he can drive on the left, believe Rizla+", "Larry thinks you have to drop your pants to use your paper, believe Rizla+". So Rizla turns away from everyday actions to refer to her rolling papers. Funny and striking posters that invite us to consume Rizla every day.

Advertising Rizla
Advertising Rizla
Advertising Rizla
Advertising Rizla
Advertising Rizla
Advertising Rizla

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