Rolling sheets: which size to choose?

Rolling sheet sizes

There are several sizes of rolling paper. It is sometimes difficult to find your way around... That's why offers you this article which includes the main sizes of rolling paper.

Slim rolling papers

In the "large size rolling paper" series, we have the SLIM PAPER (or King Size Slim). It measures approximately 110 mm X 42 mm. In the most famous brands that you probably need to know, we have ocb slim sen sky slim, rizla slim etc...

You can also find on the market the KING SIZE rolling sheets which are the same length as the slim ones except that they are a little wider. King size sheets measure 110 mm X 52 mm. The brand Smoking is specialized in this type of product.

Short rolling papers (regular)

In the series "small size rolling papers" we have the REGULAR (or Single Wide), the most well-known and oldest smoking paper format. This is the classic format of cigarette rolling papers. It measures 70 mm X 36 mm. Practically all brands of sheets offer this format: ocb, tuxedo, rizzla, sensky or raw rollingpapers...

You also have the connoisseur format called WIDES. These are shortrolling sheets like the regular but a little wider and longer. It measures on average 79 mm x 42 mm. The marks are for example: the zouave, Job Sup'Air (the oldest format in Booklet) .

Rolling sheets 1 1/4

The short wide sheets measure 79 mm x 42 mm and are called or WIDES. Also available in 1½ format and double width. This is the format for connoisseurs but also the most used in Spain.

Some formats are more used in France and less abroad, or the opposite. For example, the OCB SLIM sheet is number 1 in France, but it has only become known abroad in recent years. The Dutch prefer to use the Smoking Blue, the Spanish prefer to use the , the perfect compromise for sticks. Each country has its own habits!

In the world, Smoking offers the widest range (hemp, slim, short etc..) but Rizla and OCB are better established.

Rolling sheets (in rolls)

The roll of rolling foil is ideal for smokers who wish to adjust the length of their cigarette or cone themselves. This format comes in the form of a ready-to-roll roll of 4 metres long and can be cut to the desired length.

Roll sheets are typically 44 mm wide and are packaged in a cardboard box with a serrated edge for easy and clean cutting.

The pre-rolled cone

Some brands such as RAW or the leading CÔNES offer pre-rolled cones that simply need to be filled. A real time-saver, the pre-rolled con e is the ideal solution for smokers who have difficulty rolling in a conical shape! Very often made from unbleached and natural cigarette paper, the pre-rolled cone includes a cardboard filter(toncar) and is available in a wide range of sizes from the standard cone to the XXL cone.

Le Blunt

Initialement fabriqué à partir d’une feuille de cigare, le Blunt est particulièrement populaire auprès des fumeurs de cannabis. Aujourd’hui, il existe une alternative intéressante et sans tabac : la feuille blunt au chanvre. Cette dernière apporte une saveur toute particulière à votre herbe et permet également d’être roulée plus facilement. Il existe désormais des feuilles blunt aromatisées pour varier les plaisirs ! Des blunt pré roulés et même avec toncar intégrés ! Parmi les marques les plus populaires, retrouvez le célèbre Blunt Juicy ou encore le Blunt G-Rollz et sa gamme de saveurs originales.

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