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Presentation of the Prime Pro X, the new Hookah by Steamulation


Steamulation Prime Pro X

The Hookah that meets all your requirements

Noticed in 2016 at the HookahFair in Frankfurt, the German brand Steamulation has since succeeded in establishing itself in the world of luxury hookahs with its innovative and high-quality models. This work has been rewarded as the German brand has even been awarded the prize for the best product of the year 2016 with its Steamulation Classic!

Aujourd’hui Mistersmoke vous présente la nouvelle pépite allemande imaginée et conçue par Steamulation : La chicha Steamulation Prime Pro X.

Freshly arrived, this Hookah design with incredible performance takes up the seductive design of the Steamulation Prime and the numerous qualities of the PRO X technology.

Hookah designed, studied AND manufactured in Germany, the Steamulation Prime PRO X is the result of an intense phase of tests and research. Carefully studied in the brand's premises in Frankfurt, this Hookah Ste amulation is truly designed to offer us a unique experience. We'll tell you more...

What is Steamulation Technology pro X?

The SteamClick: The patented innovation by Steamulation

Developed and patented by brand founder Alexander Schmidt, the Steamclick 360 system includes a rotary locking system that allows the column to be opened and closed in just a few seconds. This system differs from conventional systems in particular by the integration of the valve balls directly into the closed chamber system. The major difference? An excellent draft with incredible fluidity.

In addition, the ball of the Hose connector can be easily removed to activate the purge function. Thus, the smoke in the vase can be easily evacuated simply by blowing into Hose.

As its name suggests, the Steamclick 360 has a 360 degree rotation function that increases the pleasure of smoking with others. This means that nothing stands in the way of the Hoses, you can position it correctly simply by rotating the upper part of the SteamClick. An additional comfort that is not to be underestimated!

Customize the print power to the millimeter

Like its predecessor model, it offers the possibility to vary the air flow rate during the session simply by turning the connector on Hose (which then opens the opening for the passage of air to a greater or lesser extent).

It also uses the 8-stage adjustable diffuser system: determine the length of the plunger yourself to personalise the intensity of your Hookah draw even more.

Made from the best materials, the Steamulation Prime PRO X is designed to the highest quality standards. The vase is made exclusively of crystal, while the V2A stainless steel column ensures unrivalled longevity.

Prime Pro X: The Next Generation Purge

Big news and not the least, this new Prime Pro X has a purge system that offers an incredible visual aesthetic. This rotating pur ge is a "ring" on the column that allows you to direct the smoke outlet when purging. This allows you to choose whether you want to discharge the smoke upwards or downwards when purging.

Hookah Steamulation prime pro x
Hookah Steamulation prime pro x

Its equipment, its price

This new Steamulation prime Pro X includes a connector for Hose silicone.

Like most premium hookahs, Hose and Bowl are not provided. Thanks to the standard diameter of the connectors, you can customize your Hookah with any of the silicone Hose .

A real success story, the brand made in Germany offers a wide range of accessories, including the Mouthpiece steamulation carbon, an essential nugget to personalize your Hookah.

His price? Count 279€ for the version with standard vase and 299€ for the engraved vase "crystal".

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