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Your djeep lighter at the best price

Briquet Djeep: Originality and quality Made In France

The DJEEP lighter is a long-lasting disposable lighter. With its triple tank, this gas lighter produces up to 3,500 flames. Easy to hold thanks to its larger format than a conventional lighter, the DJEEP lighter is both practical and ergonomic.

All DJEEP lighters are made in France and comply with international safety standards. Efficient, robust and reliable, the DJEEP lighter is undoubtedly the essential accessory for all smokers!

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Founded in 1973, DJEEP Paris is one of the leading brands of quality decorated lighters. Not yet familiar with the DJEEP lighter? Mistersmoke tells you all you need to know about this disposable lighter with personalized decorations!

The Djeep Paris lighter is 100% made in France

DJEEP is a French brand! Its factory is located in Guidel, Brittany, France, and all DJEEP lighters are produced there. So when you buy a DJEEP lighter, you can be sure you're buying a quality French lighter!

In 2020, DJEEP was acquired by BIC, itself located in Redon, Brittany. This acquisition has strengthened BIC's position in the pocket lighter market. The two brands have pooled their marketing and innovation skills to conquer new markets, particularly in North America.

This lighter is sold worldwide

This brand may not mean anything to you, but despite its low profile, it has succeeded in exporting to the USA, Asia, Latin America and even Africa! It has conquered the international market with its range of high-end, personalized lighters.

Buy an original lighter in a unique shape: Choose Djeep!

The DJEEP lighter has a unique, easily recognizable design. In fact, the DJEEP lighter is larger than a standard disposable lighter, thanks to its triple reservoir. This feature enables the DJEEP lighter to provide up to 3,500 ignitions! It also features a particularly ergonomic flat push-button.


4 | The lighter with limited edition decorations

The DJEEP lighter stands out for its varied and original designs, for a unique visual effect. But most of these designs are limited editions! The brand's desire to continually renew its catalog and offer customized lighters.

DJEEP Art Deco lighter

5 | Quality and safety: a top priority

The manufacturing quality and safety of its lighters is a priority for the DJEEP brand. With over 50 years of refining its products, the French brand has ensured that its lighters meet the highest possible safety standards. The DJEEP lighter also features incredible materials, textures and finishes. Just hold a DJEEP lighter in your hands and you'll see! The shell is made of Delrin resin and is resistant to shocks and high temperatures.

The manufacturing and assembly process for DJEEP lighters is ultra-sophisticated: a camera precisely analyzes flame conformity. Each lighter is then tested by hand before being put on the market, undergoing no fewer than 110 quality controls.


All DJEEP lighters comply with international safety standards ISO 9994, ASTM F400 and child safety EN 13986.

So why choose the DJEEP Paris lighter? In a nutshell!

  • DJEEP is a long-lasting lighter despite the fact that it cannot be recharged.
  • It guarantees 3,000 ignitions, twice as many on average as a similar lighter, thanks to its triple tank system.
  • A sturdy, hard-wearing lighter, the DJEEP lighter is made from a delrin resin renowned for its robustness.
  • Like the BIC lighter, the Djeep has a stable, safe flame.
  • Thanks to its integrated knob, you can adjust the flame height to suit your needs.
  • Ergonomic shape: The DJEEP lighter is wider than its competitors: Its extra-large ignition button
  • Available in a wide range of colors and original designs

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