Choose your Hookah : The complete guide before buying your hookah


You are completely lost in front of the multitude of proposed models and you wonder which Hookah to choose? Before you start your search and start buying your HookahIf you want to make a decision, you must first determine your budget, but also and above all your needs. Many questions arise even before starting Hookah.

How are you going to use your hookah? Indoors or outdoors? How often will you use it? These are questions that will allow you to orient yourself towards the model and the brand best adapted to your needs.

You can also consult our Top 10 of the bes hookahst article and find a selection of the best models by price category.

I'm starting in Hookah, which model to choose ?

In general when you start in the world of hookahs, it is advisable to go towards a rather basic model in order to familiarize yourself with its use, to learn how to turn on your Hookah, to prepare your Bowl or your Heat Management Device.

At Mistersmoke, you will find the brand TSAR, which offers a wide range of low-cost models for the general public, such as the TSAR nitro, which, in addition to its small size, does not have any superfluous accessories or advanced technology, but simply the essentials for getting started and familiarising yourself with the water pipe.

> I'm on a tight budget, I want a cheap Hookah


Hookah H2 760

Several models
3.5 out of 5

> I'm on an average budget, I want quality equipment...

Designed for all smoking profiles, both beginners and experienced smokers, the "intermediate" models have additional accessories, sharper materials or additional features such as a concealed purge system.

Designed to last over time, they are ideal for regular smokers thanks to resistant materials such as V2Astainless steel or laboratory glass.

Another positive point is that these models are very often delivered fully equipped. You can often find a Bowl or a Hookah tong...

How much does a good fully equipped Hookah cost? Expect to pay between 59€ and 149€ for the most sophisticated models. Among the most popular models for 2019 and 2020 are the famous Hookah Tsar Molotov X, the Dschinni Pico or the Brodator mini 320. For a more sophisticated model, look for the Tsar Alexander V2, the most appreciated by smokers in 2019 thanks to its timeless design and its impeccable finish or for the ODUMAN brand and its models with a futuristic design made mostly of glass.


Classic Hookahs

Hookah Tsar Molotov X

Several models
4.6025641025641 sur 5

Classic Hookahs

Oduman N5 Junior

4.5 out of 5
4.8 out of 5

> I want to indulge myself: The luxury Hookah

Véritable objet d’art, la chicha de luxe est pour beaucoup l’occasion de se faire plaisir avec un modèle non seulement beau, durable mais aussi ultra performant. Surfant sur cette tendance, de nombreuses marques de narguilés proposent un ou plusieurs modèles exclusifs conçus dans des matériaux rares ou précieux. On peut notamment citer l’allemand Steamulation, AEON, MIG ou encore les chichas WOOKAH et leur modèle doré à l’or 24 carats.

Classic Hookahs

Hookah Adalya ATH L-Steel

Several models
5 out of 5

The electronic alternative Hookah

If your profile looks more like that of a nomadic smoker, the e-Hookah may be the ideal solution. Appeared at the same time as the electronic cigarette, the electronic Hookah uses the same operating principle.

The electronic Hookah is an excellent alternative to the traditional Hookah . Not only is it practical with its compact format similar to an electronic cigarette, it also allows you to smoke the Hookah without nicotine! Indeed, the liquids for Hookah electronic do not contain nicotine and therefore no tar or other harmful substances present in tobacco at Hookah. In addition, unlike the traditional hookah, which requires burning coal, the e-Hookah produces only steam by heating e-liquid with an electric resistance.

Following the 2007 ban on smoking in public places, the electronic Hookah seems to be the perfect alternative!

You don't know how to make a Hookah and just don't want to get started? Good news, the e-Hookah requires no preparation other than filling a tank with liquid!

Discover the full range of Hookah portable HOOKY

Finally, as you will have understood, a high price model is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Many low-priced models offer excellent value for money. After determining your needs and budgeting your purchase, you can make your final choice based on design and functionality.

Buy your Hookah at the best price and take advantage of the free delivery from 40€ of purchase.

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