Focus on Bowl in Dschinni Nero Glass

Bowl in Dcshinni Nero Glass

Presentation and test of the Dschinni Nero Glass Bowl

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the choice of Bowl at Hookah is " what is the best Bowl for brohood? ". There are many Bowls for brohood whose quality and performance are unquestionable. Among these, we will focus on the famous Bowl Dschinni Nero Glass.

At first glance we can see that Dschinni has put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their product. The Bowl Nero Glass is delivered in a solid box with a foam support. This way the Bowl is perfectly secured and will not be damaged during transport. This box is very practical and can be used when you go out to smoke Hookah .

The Bowl Nero glass comes with a small metal basket, called "Seflex". You have probably already asked yourself what this little accessory is for? It will simply change your life! (without exaggerating). It is this accessory that will prevent tobacco crumbs from Hookah falling into the water of your vase! But the major advantage of the Seflex basket is that it allows you to change your preparation during a session without having to remove and clean your Bowl. Nothing could be simpler than a preparation on Nero Glass! You lift the grate, change the tobacco, reload a few coals and off you go again for a new session!

Let's move on to Bowl itself. Let's be honest, the Dschinni Nero Glass has an incredible design and its release in 2019 has literally nerfed every other Bowls glass on the market. Precise details, high quality and textured borosilicate glass... The Bowl Nero is visually perfect.

Unlike most of the Bowls in its category, the Nero Glass is ultra solid and much more resistant with its 300 grams on the scale! When it was released, it was said to be unbreakable. Some may remember the brand's video of the Bowl being thrown down the stairs to prove its resistance to shocks. Even if the Bowl nero glass is made of ultra-resistant glass, it is still a Bowl glass. We therefore recommend that you handle it with care. However, it does offer a certain resistance to temperature variations and therefore to thermal shocks.

Foyer haut de gamme, le Dschinni Nero Glass est proposé au prix de 24,90€ auquel il faudra ajouter une grille de chauffe pour votre session « brohood ». Si vous souhaitez un kit complet et prêt à l’emploi, orientez vous vers le set complet Nero Glass + Grille Dschinni à 39,80€ et à vous les sessions puissantes et riches en saveurs !

But you might be wondering, is the Nero Glass really worth the price? Let's test it!

And now it's time to test the Bowl Nero Glass!

If you already have a "classic" clay Bowl , you will have noticed that as it ages it blackens and absorbs the glycerine present in the hookah tobacco. Indeed, this is a disadvantage that you will not find with a glass Bowl . Another advantage is that it is easy to clean. Water, rubbing, it does not fear anything!

Nero Glass is more expensive to buy, but has a much longer lifespan than traditional clay Bowl .

Let's go to the feeling... Without surprise, it's a real pleasure to have a session on a nero glass associated with the Vulcan grid! The preparation is well ventilated and the air flow just perfect. And the seflex basket is not for nothing! This system is really ingenious. Nothing could be simpler, you fill the basket without packing the tobacco or your taste to Hookah without nicotine and you put it in the Nero Glass.

Concernant la chauffe, la grille Vulcan diffuse la chaleur de façon très homogène. Le goût reste puissant du début à la fin de la session. En terme de qualité et de finition, nous sommes sur du haut de gamme, autant que Colonial ou Badcha.

Our conclusion

As you can see, we can safely say that the Bowl Nero Glass by Dschinni is one of the best Bowl for Brohood ! As for the rest, it's all a question of budget and/or use. But one thing is for sure, if you choose the Nero Glass, you won't be disappointed!

Discover also the ECO version of Nero Glass !

You like the design and the many qualities of the Bowl Dschinni nero glass but don't have the budget? Discover the Bowl Dschinni Nero Glass Eco! The latter is not made of laboratory glass but of crystal glass in order to reduce its cost. It will be less shiny and transparent than its high end version but offers the same technical qualities!

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