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Hoses Marrakech

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Hose marrakech cheap

Discover in our shop Hookah, our range of HosesHookah Marrakech type. The Hose Marrakech remains the reference for the professionals of the Hookahbut also for all the smokers adept of the traditional Hookah. They have a very long rigid Mouthpiecewhich allows to smoke differently. A Mouthpieceof about thirty centimeters which ensures a comfort that does not provide other HosesHookah . This type of Hoseis easy to maintain, a simple wash in hot water is enough to clean it properly. A must-have!

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Hoses classics

Hose Marrakech XL

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Find the ideal Hosefor your Hookah, at the best price!

Mistersmoke offers you not only the Hosemarrakech at a low price but also a wide range of Hosesand Mouthpiecesadapted to your needs. Although the Hosemarrakech is ideal for traditional hookahs, it is not suitable for small shisha or modern shisha. Are you more of a fan of Hookahdesign? Then we recommend you to discover :

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