The clearomizer - what you need to know

What is a clearomizer?

By definition, a clearomizer is thecombination of an atomizer and a tank, which is essential for the proper functioning of the electronic cigarette. This will be able to hold the e-liquid in a tank with a capacity of 1 to 5 ml, and then transform it into steam for inhalation.

Clearomizer composition

In order to fully understand how a clearomizer works, it is necessary to establish a quick overview of its anatomy beforehand.

The drip tip

The drip tip is the mouthpiece that is attached to the atomiser by being clipped or screwed on. The vapour produced by the clearomizer will exit through this part to enter directly in contact with the mouth of the vapoteur. If the majority of drip tips on the market are of type 510 to adapt to a majority of clearomizers, the models submitted for sale are very diverse.

Among the characteristics of the drip tip, the material is the one that will best define the type of the delivered vape. It is thus possible to meet several kinds of materials:

  • Delrin: this material brings a pleasant comfort in the mouth. Other advantages are the low heat absorption and the minimal adhesion of the liquid to the wall. Very common on the market, a delrin drip tip ensures a soft and smooth seal.
  • Teflon: relatively close to delrin, teflon provides the same properties.
  • Steel: the role of this material is above all to ensure true robustness and simple maintenance of the drip tip. It is very common to find steel drip tips when they are associated with their clearomiseurs. This helps to standardize the overall design of the electronic cigarette.
  • Ebonite: this material is more rare on the market, but allows to withstand well the propelled heat. Nevertheless, its solidity remains below that of delrin or teflon.

The tank

The reservoir, also called tank, is the part that holds the e-liquid. Like the drip tip, the tank can be submitted in several different materials:

  • Plastic: very strong, plastic provides good protection against UV rays. Its weak point remains in the sometimes residual taste encountered after the change of liquid flavours.
  • Glass : frequently offered in Pyrex, this material offers the advantage of a total absence of residual taste as well as excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Metal: in aluminium or stainless steel, the latter is undoubtedly the most robust. The visualization of the liquid level is nevertheless minimal due to the opacity of this material.

The chimney

This part concerns the central part of the clearomizer. This is where the steam from the vaporization chamber is transferred to reach the drip tip.

Resistance / Coil

The role of the resistor is essential for the proper functioning of the electronic cigarette. It is a marriage between a resistive wire often made of kanthal or nichrome, with a cotton or silica wick. It is this combination that will create and then propel the steam.

The Base / Bottom Cap

The base of the clearomizer acts as the link between the battery and the resistance of the vaporizer. This is usually a 510 or eGo type, and more and more models have an integrated airflow. The airflow can often be adjusted via a ring, which will allow the steam production and the flavour rendering to be adjusted as desired.

How the clearomizer works

Now that the anatomy of the clearomizer no longer holds any secrets for you, understanding how it works will be clearer.

The clearomizer starts to work when the switch button is pressed. As a reminder, this button refers to the battery or mod switch of the electronic cigarette. Once the switch is pressed, a current is created causing the heating of the resistance to follow the creation of steam by capillarity. To put it simply, the e-liquid contained in the tank soaks the wick and the resistive wire of the resistance, to create a steam that will then circulate through the chimney to the drip tip.

To integrate the liquid into the clearomizer, several filling systems are available for the vaporizers. From the top or from the bottom, with or without unscrewing, the variations are wide to offer you several types of ergonomics which will adapt to each profile of vaporizer.

How to choose your clearomizer?

When purchasing your clearomizer, it is important to take into account several parameters to take full advantage of the virtues of steaming. It is the model of the clearomiseur that will define the steam and flavor output, as well as the autonomy, e-liquid consumption or the sensations delivered. So what should you focus your attention on at the time of purchase? Here's something to clear your mind.

First of all, you should know that there are three types of clearomiseurs:

Direct Inhalation Clearomizer

Also mentioned Sub-Ohm, this family of clearomiseurs has very low resistances (0.5 ohm to 1 ohm) generating a dense steam and a high airflow. The draft is rather airy and facilitates a direct penetration into the lungs of the vaporizer via a single suction.
The power delivered by the direct inhalation is important (20 to 100 watts) while avoiding the sensation of a burnt taste. This type of clearomizer requires a large battery to support the high consumption of e-liquids.

Indirect Inhalation Clearomizer

Via a tight draw, this second type of clearomizer works in the image of the traditional cigarette. Indeed, the steam is sucked up a first time to enter the mouth, then the second aspiration will integrate the steam into the lungs. The entry of air is relatively light and the resistors have a high impedance (1 ohm to 2 ohms). Indirect inhalation is very much appreciated by fans of good taste and sustained hits, accompanied by a lighter steam production.

Versatile Clearomizer

This third type of clearomizer alone combines direct and indirect inhalation. It is the chosen resistance that will allow you to switch from one mode to another.

Once you've decided on the type of sticky clearomizer that best suits your needs, other criteria are just as essential to consider.


The resistance, and in particular its value in ohm, will be essential to determine the clearomizer best suited to your profile. Indeed, this resistance will allow you to determine the degree of restitution of flavours and steam. Make sure to check if the resistor included in the clearomizer is compatible with the battery or the mod.

In addition to its value, the position of the resistor in the clearomizer can have an impact on the heating of the steam. Thus, the more the resistor is located towards the top of the clearomizer, the hotter the propelled steam will be. Just as the closer the resistance value is to zero, the hotter the steam delivered will be.

Vapor rendering

The steam rendering offered by the clearomizer can vary in temperature, and will often be related to the value of the resistance. Whether you prefer a cold, warm or rather hot steam, it will have an impact on the flavor of your e-liquid. It is therefore advisable to adjust the model of the clearomizer according to the e-liquid. For example, if you appreciate fruity aromas, clearomiseurs with a warm and/or cold steam system will restore the flavor as well as possible. Lovers of tobacco tastes or more greedy, will go more towards models with a warm or hot steam system.

Tank capacity

It is the capacity of the tank of your clearomiseur that will determine its autonomy. The market offers for sale tanks with a capacity generally between 1 and 5 ml.

The design

Enjoying a powerful and pleasing steam is good, but it's even better when your equipment has a nice design. It is therefore recommended to match the diameter of the clearomizer with your battery, mod or drip tip. In addition to this concern for aesthetics, harmonizing the whole will prevent damage to your equipment.

In terms of connections, it is necessary to check it well so that it can be adapted to your clearomiseur as well as possible. By adopting a 510 type system, you will have little risk of incompatibility, since it adapts to most batteries and mods on the market.

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