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Introducing the new Hookah Tsar Sambo

Introducing the new Hookah Tsar  Sambo

Chicha TSAR Sambo nouvelle version

Completely redesigned to provide you with an incredible experience.

The famous Hookah Sambo by TSAR is now available in a new version!

Sortie pour la première fois en 2017, la chicha TSAR Sambo a immédiatement séduit le public par son design moderne, ses courbes et ses nombreuses qualités techniques. A travers ce modèle, de nombreux fumeurs ont pu accéder à un narguilé ultra performant, conçu dans des matériaux très performants et au prix le plus juste. Depuis, l’univers du narguilé n’a cessé d’évoluer pour offrir un confort d’utilisation toujours plus grand et une durabilité à toute épreuve.

Cette chicha devenue best-seller depuis sa sortie, c’est tout naturellement que la marque française TSAR a décidé de l’améliorer et de la monter en gamme en proposant une nouvelle version toujours plus performante.

After more than a year of development in the greatest secrecy, TSAR already famous for its range of affordable chichas and accessories, unveils the new Hookah Tsar Sambo V2. Retaining the iconic design that made it famous, the Tsar Sambo II surprises with new features and functionality worthy of the finest luxury chichas.

Made entirely of V2A stainless steel, the Tsar Sambo is one of the most durable hookahs on the market. This is confirmed in particular by the presence of a massive and heavy vase made of 3.3 mm thick borosilicate glass. Impressive, this top-of-the-rangeHookah weighs no less than 4.5 kg when empty. The Hookah is the ultimate lounge model, and one that many bars are delighted with on all counts at Hookah.

4 major innovations

A Hookah now with 4 outputs Hoses

The Tsar Sambo V2 is now equipped with 4 outlets Hoses unlike the first version which only had 2. This new version allows you to smoke with several people thanks to the 4 connectors included!

A customizable Hookah

Tout comme la chicha Tsar Alexander, la nouvelle Sambo est maintenant équipée d’une colonne avec cut 18.8. Vous aimez personnaliser votre chicha? La Nouvelle Sambo le permet! Récupérateur de molasse ou encore accessoires de custom, tout est possible! Et pour parfaire le tout, il est tout à fait possible de remplacer la colonne par celle votre Tsar Alexander!

New purge system

Find a new, more efficient purging system, the "closed chamber" purge. This device allows you to empty all the smoke accumulated in your vase during the session, in just a few seconds.

A more efficient diffuser

Small improvement also at the level of the diffuser, more efficient and removable.

The packaging has also undergone a small facelift, as the new Sambo is now offered in a carrying case with handle.

Our History | Our Values

Since its creation in 2016, the brand TSAR has only one objective, to offer a wide range of chichas and accessories that meet the requirements of all smoker profiles and at the best price. Its priorities? Quality of materials, design and performance. From the beginner to the expert Hookah smoker, there is bound to be a model to suit you in the TSAR range.

You can of course find the Hookah TSAR Sambo V2 as well as the whole range on the website as well as in partner shops.

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