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Molasses for Hookah

The molasses to Hookah the little extra for your usual tobacco. Just a few drops are enough to flavor the smoke of your Hookah and completely change the taste of it. It can also be used to recharge your mineral stones. Sold in large bottles of different brands on Mistersmoke, molasses will become an essential ingredient in any hookah preparation.

Instructions for use
There are several ways to enjoy molasses for Hookah. Either byadding itto water or by depositing a few drops directly on the tobacco. Others also use it to re-moisten their steam stones. It's up to you to see how you will use your molasses...

Shisha Taste

Aroming Fluid - 100g

Several models
Several models
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Hookah Accessories

Glycerine tobacco Hookah

Several models

No molasses at Hookah without tobacco!

Molasses is not a substitute for smoking: it is just an additional ingredient in the preparation of your hookah. Molamix molasses, Big Mixx molasses: the best brands are waiting for you on Mistersmoke.

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