How to choose tobacco Hookah : a little taste guide Hookah

Choose correctly your tobacco or taste Hookah for a perfect Hookah session!

To be sure to succeed in Hookah, the essential element is the preparation that you put in your Bowl !

According to tastes and needs, the consumption of each of these tobaccos varies. It may seem like a quick tour, but there are many more different tastes at Hookah than you might think. So that you can make a conscious choice and opt for the Hookah taste that suits you, here is a little practical guide to the different tastes you will find when preparing your hookah, with their specifics.

Traditional Hookah tobacco

Before concentrating on what we really call the tastes for Hookah, a quick look back at the basics for the preparation of your hookah: tabamel or tobacco at Hookah. Very first "taste for Hookah" used before the appearance of other alternatives, this one is part of the traditional preparation of the hookah. hookahtobacco! With many brands on the market and many flavors, more and more hookah fans are not hesitating to test all forms of tobacco, all tastes and all associations.

Classical tobacco is a mixture of tobacco, sugar or honey and fruit flavours that is presented in the form of a paste. This tobacco is the most traditional, it is the one that was imported at the same time as the Hookah. It is usually referred to as "Real Tobacco". For the followers of chichas and bars at Hookah, the vast majority will choose to smoke tabamel because it respects the tradition of the hookah and for some tobaccos, their composition is also traditional (without preservatives).

There is still a taste for Hookah which is very much in demand by traditional hookah lovers as well as the purists of Hookah, especially for its practicality during preparation, and for the sensations it provides. Even if the classic Hookah tobacco contains nicotine, the consumers of the latter will remain faithful to it in order to keep the same flavours and sensations, especially when smoking on a traditional Egyptian Hookah type Hookah Khalil Maamoon.

This one does not especially require Bowl Phunnel to be prepared because it is suitable for any type of Bowl, from the traditional Bowl to the Bowl vortex. On the Heat Management Device side, those which can also all be suitable.

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tobacco Hookah

Steam stones

In contrast to conventional tobacco smokers, the consumers of the stones at Hookah choose them because on the one hand they want to look after their health above all else. Indeed, it is important to know that there is no nicotine at all in the stones at Hookah, so there is no risk to health.

With Hookah pebbles, the taste is completely identical, the only difference is in the smoke. The stones at Hookah do not give off smoke but rather steam, the principle is identical to that of the electronic cigarette. These stones look like small crystals, abundantly bathed in glycerin. This highly flavored liquid is what will give your stones that special taste. That's why they are usually presented in the form of a jar, which is more practical to contain the juice of the stones. Glycerine, flavorings, water, coloring, this is what most often composes the stones at Hookah.

Considered as an innovative product, the stones for Hookah are also available in different flavours (cherry, watermelon, mint...) as much as for traditional tobacco. Their use is as long and in case the mineral stones have no more taste, it will be enough to simply add a little molasses as for tobacco. Be careful, not all stones are reusable.

Several brands are available on the market today, for all tastes. You can notably find SHIAZO, Ice Rockz, True Passion, but also stones at Hookah created by brands specialized in hookahs and their accessories, such asAmy Deluxe with its Amy Stones, or MIG and the MIG Vulcanos.

Which Bowl ? Bowl Phunnel, for its shape that easily retains glycerin and prevents it from clogging your spine. It will be the Bowl to choose for all tastes at Hookah without tobacco.

What Heat Management Device ? Brohood, Kaloud, aluminium or Provost , the stones are suitable for all heating systems.

taste guide Hookah

Gel or cream for Hookah

These two products can be presented together, as their texture as well as their rendering are very similar. The gel or cream for Hookah is a highly concentrated taste in aromas, which comes in the form of a more or less liquid paste. This paste therefore replaces tobacco for the preparation of your Hookah.

Always prepared without tobacco or nicotine, the gel for Hookah contains flavourings, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which may sometimes be present among the ingredients. Propylene glycol is used to further enhance the flavours in the cream for Hookah. These flavours are released with the heat of your coals, giving off a vapour similar to that of stones.

The gel for Hookah can be used alone, and will give you an excellent feeling with rather "strong" tastes such as mint for example, but you can also mix it with other tastes Hookah in order to develop its flavors or make new mixtures. Thus, a little cream for Hookah in addition to your flavoured stones or even on your tobacco will do wonders!

Which Bowl ? Bowl Phunnel.

What Heat Management Device ? Preferably a Heat Management Device type Kaloud.

taste guide Hookah gel

Cellulose-based Tobacco Substrates

New to the world of nicotine-free tobacco, cellulose substitutes are surprisingly similar to real hookah tobacco. They have a very similar texture, minus the tobacco and nicotine. As far as preparation is concerned, no change, Cloud One taste or Shisha Vaping is prepared in the same way as a traditional Hookah .

Packaged in jars or small packs such as the Cloud One in 50 g for example, they are very economical as they are offered at less than 60€, which is almost 4 times less than tobacco at Hookah !

Very high in glycerine and rich in aromas, they provide a maximum of sensations without the sensation of a "hit" in the throat that can disturb some occasional smokers.

What Bowl ? All types of Bowl - However, prefer a phunnel in order to avoid too much glycerine flowing in the column of your Hookah.

What Heat Management Device ? Kaloud or Brohood depending on the Bowl used.
The Heat Management Device Provost is strongly discouraged.

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