How do I clean up a Hookah ?

After each session Hookah, it is preferable and recommended to clean your hookah. This cleaning will allow you to remove carbon deposits and odors from your previous session but also to increase its lifespan. offers a complete tutorial to help you clean your hookah properly. Hookah and keep it in good shape with the right utensils. Here are 5 valuable tips for cleaning your Hookah:

The equipment

Before you start cleaning your hookah, we strongly recommend that you bring all the necessary equipment! Cleaning the Hookah may seem laborious, but with the right equipment and elbow grease it will not be! Here are the essential tools to concoct the perfect Hookahcleaning kit:

  • 1 cleaning brush for the vase
  • 1 cleaning brush for the chimney
  • 1 sponge and/or a scraper for the Bowl
  • Dishwashing liquid or special cleaner Hookah of the type Schmand Weg
  • 1 toothpick or cotton swab
  • 1 drying cloth

Step 1: Remove the Hookah

To be sure to clean your Hookah without leaving any residue, it is essential to dismantle it completely. It must be completely deboned to be able to clean the Hookah seals as well as the diffuser. Dismantling your Hookah is an essential step to avoid finding the taste of the previous Hookah and having to start all over again. Moreover, letting residues from previous sessions accumulate can weaken and affect the performance of your hookah in the long term!

  • Remove the Hose from your Hookah and the seal at the base of the Hose
  • Remove the Bowl and the gasket from the Bowl
  • Remove the plate
  • Remove the chimney from the vase by gently lifting (or unscrewing) it.
  • Unscrew the plunger from the column
  • Unscrew the diffuser (if possible and if present)
Elements Hookah

Step 2: Cleanse the Bowl

Even if you don't want to completely clean your hookah, it is still necessary to disinfect the Bowl from the Hookah. The method to be used is as follows: empty the tobacco from Bowl and rinse it abundantly with hot water for a rough cleaning at first. Then use a cotton swab or toothpick to remove any remaining residue in the Bowl and then rub it vigorously with a sponge and washing-up liquid. This will remove all grease and odours. Finally, rinse the Bowl and dry it!

Step 3: Disinfect the Hose

To clean the Hose, put water inside your Hose and then plug the two ends. Then empty the water completely from the Hose and repeat the operation until there are no more deposits inside. For perfect hygiene, remember to wipe the end of the Hose with a cloth containing a little bleach, where you place your mouth. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly afterwards.

You can also add a little lemon juice to the water, this will completely neutralize the smell.


  • Not all Hoses are washable with water! Before cleaning it, make sure that it does not damage your Hose. In the case of Hoses Marrakech, it is possible that washing with water may leave traces of corrosion.
  • To be completely sure toremove all carbonaceous deposits as well as odours, you can soak Bowl for a few minutes in bleach diluted with water. Then rub, rinse and dry!

Step 4: Clean the chimney and the plunger

Because it is not only the Bowl that needs to be cleaned, the chimney (or stem) also deserves to be cleaned. To do this, soak the plunger for a few minutes in the same water as the Bowl (water + bleach or water + washing up liquid). Once the plunger has soaked sufficiently, use the fine brush and scrub the inside of the plunger until it is completely clean. Remember to sponge the column to give it a shine. Then rinse both parts thoroughly.

If your diver is equipped with a diffuser, use a toothpick to remove all deposits.

Step 5: Clean the vase

Most of the time a whitish trace forms inside the vase, it usually follows the water level. Many people think that this is limescale and use white vinegar to remove it. This is not the case. It is carbon deposits: when you pull on the Hookah, ashes pass through the column and settle in the water and along the walls of the vase.

To remove this trace, add hot water and put dishwashing liquid inside the vase of your Hookah and rub vigorously with a thick brush and then rinse the vase thoroughly.

Look out! Look out! If you own a Hookah glass vase or if your vase is made from Bohemian crystal glass, we recommend using a soft cleaning brush of the "swan brush" type.

Step 6: Clean the Hookah seals seals

Simply rinse your Hookah seals with plenty of water. If necessary, let them soak in a little dishwashing liquid.

Once your Hookah has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, reassemble all the elements of your Hookah and store it in a dust-free place.

Some tips for cleaning a Hookah

  • The hot/cold can cause a thermal shock and weaken your vase, remember to use only hot water to clean the different elements of your Hookah.
  • No water waste: To avoid wasting too much water when cleaning your Hookah and wasting a lot of time, use a large basin of hot water and a little bleach or dishwashing liquid and leave all your items to soak for a few minutes. You will save time, energy and water.
  • The use of the dishwasher is allowed. Be careful with the type of hookahs you have, some of them will not withstand the heat of the dishwasher and may break.

Our other tips on Hookah

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