Taste at Hookah : how to prepare a tobacco-free Hookah ?

No smoke, but steam!

You think that preparing a Hookah without tobacco is impossible? Well, it's not necessary to enjoy a good session Hookah ! Several Hookahflavours are formulated without tobacco, so that you can obtain excellent sensations while preserving your health.
In particular, the stones at Hookah have everything you need to give your hookah puffs of steam. All these products are tobacco free, nicotine free but not without flavour!

Quickly discover all the reasons why Shiazo, Hookah Squeeze, True Passion or the Cloud One taste have found their place in many Bowls and all the tips to make the most of their steam...

This is what makes these products so special. Stones, pearls or even gel, these products are tobacco free, without nicotine or tar. It is not by chance that the Shiazo It is no coincidence that the "Smoke Free" brand was born in Germany, a country where the laws on tobacco products are increasingly restrictive. Its concept: to replace traditional tobacco, small mineral stones are soaked in a scented liquid made of vegetable glycerine, then heated to evaporate the liquid: Molasses.

This same liquid will then be inhaled as the finest vapour. Its operation is reminiscent of the electronic cigarette, but it applies to the Hookah. The same principle applies to the gel, as well as to Cloud One; creamy or thicker materials (resembling tobacco for Cloud One), highly concentrated in aromas and molasses.

The advantages of a smoke-free Hookah

Their abundant and very dense steam seduces many smokers. Some prefer it to classic tobacco because of its volume and very fragrant flavours. With about forty flavours for Shiazo, forty for Ice Drops, and thirty for Hookah Cream and Cloud One, you should easily find one to your taste... Smokers have also noticed that their throat is less irritated after a steam Hookah . The duration of the session would also be comparable to that of a classic Hookah . To sum up, here is a list of the advantages of flavoured stones, pearls and gels:

  • Less harmful: no tobacco and nicotine
  • Intense and original perfumes
  • Less addictive (no nicotine)
  • More "smoke" : it's actually a vapour that simulates smoke...
  • Easy to prepare: these products do not burn, unlike tobacco.
  • Reusable: the stones are reusable, they can be re-wetted if necessary with molasses at Hookah.
  • And finally, its price! Some brands, such as Cloud One for example, are 4 times cheaper than Adalya tobacco (price per kilo).

Taste at Hookah is cheaper than tobacco

To find out, just compare the prices: €5.90 for a 100g jar of Shiazo or €6.90 for a 50g pack of Cloud One. Compare with the price of tobacco per kilo, it's almost 4 times cheaper! In addition, tobacco at Hookah can only be used once, unlike some substitutes, which are reusable. This is why the stones, gels and creams for Hookah are much more economical. After your session, you can put them back in their jar and put them back in their rewet if necessary with molasses to use it again. Their hermetic jar has been specially designed for their conservation.

Find your favorite perfumes Hookah , without tobacco!

Are you a fan of Hawaii or Lov 66 from Adalya? Good news, you can find these same tobacco-free and nicotine-free flavours in most flavour brands at Hookah ! One more reason to switch to Hookah without tobacco...


Preparation tips for a smoke-free Hookah

  • Get your best Hookah: Hookah tastes can be used on all hookah models and heating systems(Kaloud or other). Preferably use a Bowl phunnel which has the advantage of better retaining the glycerine.
  • Briefly shake the stones, pearls or gel before use. The flavoured liquid will be well distributed in about ten seconds.
  • Preferably use a natural charcoal such as Fresh coco or Cocobrico natural charcoal.
  • For denser steam, check your diver: he should not be submerged more than 5 cm underwater.
  • Opt for a Bowl phunnel, ceramic, glass or even silicone. Many models are perfect for this use: Bowl cascada, the Bowl HC Mikro .
  • Buy quality aluminium foil for Hookah. Predator aluminum is perfect!
  • Choose your favourite fragrance from the 40 or so flavours sold on Mistersmoke.

Now you know everything you need to know about preparing a smoke-freeHookah . You will now be able to enjoy the steam on your hookah!


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